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Fabrication Tech

Works on metal fabrication, assembly and/or packaging. Loads and unloads trucks of glass and metal material. Stock’s material in warehouse or loads frames for shipment. Cuts and fabricates metal materials per specifications. Cross-trained in two or more areas of fabrication, assembly, glazing, and/or packaging is required.


Glaziers will install aluminum window frames, door frames, unitized window systems, store fronts and curtain walls on building fronts. Handle and move large, heavy, and sharp glass units, aluminum frames, and other materials. Hang large, heavy all-glass doors onto installed aluminum door frames. Ability to lift 50 lbs. and work in an indoor and outdoor environment. Perform general physical activities – Able to perform physical activities that involve substantial use of arms, legs, and moving the whole body (i.e., climbing, lifting, bending, walking, kneeling, balancing, and handling of large, sharp, heavy, fragile, and potentially dangerous materials). Use of power/hand tools is required (but not provided) on daily basis. Must be a reliable, hard-working motivated team player.

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